Airport regulations

Airport regulations

ORDER NO. 12/2017



of 1 March 2017

on the safety and security of flights and order

at the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport


Pursuant to article 83a paragraph 2 of the Aviation Law Act of 3 July 2002 (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] of 2002, No. 130, item 1112) and the Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of 4 September 2012 on the basic order regulations related to ensuring safety and security of flights and order at the airport I hereby order as follows:


Section 1


In order to ensure safety and order and protection of civil aviation at the Olsztyn-Mazury airport, hereinafter referred to as the Airport, I oblige all persons on its premises to comply with the provisions set out in this order.


Section 2


The following acts are forbidden on the premises of the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport:

leaving luggage or other objects that could disrupt the functioning of the airport unattended;

bringing weapons and hazardous materials or other objects that may pose a threat to the safety of persons, aircraft or airport infrastructure to the airport's premises without appropriate authorization;

littering and polluting the airport's premises;

consuming alcohol or tobacco outside the designated areas, as well as bringing in and consuming abusive substances and psychotropic substances;

bringing animals to the terminals, excluding service dogs and assistance dogs, except for the cases of air transport of animals;

conducting, without the consent of the airport operator:


business activity, including advertising, canvassing or other commercial operations,

artistic, political and other activities disturbing the order at the airport;

photographing or filming the pyrotechnic reconnaissance and rescue operations, passenger and baggage security checkpoints as well as passport control and document control points without permission issued by the airport operator in consultation with the locally competent commander of the Border Guard, commander of the Police or head of the customs office—depending on what activities, positions or control points are to be photographed or filmed;

interfering with, preventing or obstructing the performance of official duties of the airport or air carrier personnel;

making unauthorized changes to the airport equipment, devices or systems, and hindering or preventing the use of devices or premises intended for public use located at the airport;

parking vehicles in places not intended for this purpose;

violating vehicle and pedestrian traffic regulations, specified by the airport operator, within the operational area of ​​the airport;

staying in the restricted area of ​​the airport and in the operational area of ​​the airport without authorization, or otherwise violating the conditions of access to the restricted areas specified by the airport operator;

entering the restricted area or the operational area of the airport in a vehicle or using a vehicle in these zones without a valid car pass or an appropriate authorization, or otherwise violating the conditions of vehicle access to these zones;

staying on the premises of the airport at night without any justification related to waiting for the arrival or departure of an aircraft;

avoiding security checks or access control and crossing or forcing doors, fences, protective barriers, as well as using the safety button which opens the door without justification.


Section 3


All persons on the premises of the Olsztyn-Mazury airport are obliged to:

immediately inform Border Guard officers, Police officers or airport security personnel about noticing unattended luggage or other objects, as well as in the case of other potential danger to persons, aircraft and facilities or equipment;

comply with instructions of Border Guard officers, Police officers, and airport security personnel, as well as airport personnel, the personnel of air traffic services and air carriers, related to ensuring the safety of persons, aircraft and airport facilities;

comply with the orders of rescue services and officers of the Border Guard, the Police and airport security personnel during rescue, evacuation, security and preventive actions related to ​​security.


Section 4


Pursuant to article 210 paragraph l point 5a of the Act of July 3, 2002. Aviation Law (Dz. U. [Journal of Laws] of 2002, No. 130, item 1112) a person who, contrary to the obligation specified in article 83a paragraph 1 of the Act does not comply to an order or prohibition contained in the order regulations issued on the basis of article 83a paragraph 2 applicable at the airport, is subject to a fine.


Section 5


Supervision over the implementation of the provisions contained in this order is exercised by: Police, Border Guard, Olsztyn-Mazury Airport Security Personnel and other authorized services of the Airport.

Section 6


This Order shall enter into force on the day of signature.


Section 7


Order No. 68 of 18.12.2015 is repealed.