Railway links the city of Olsztyn with the terminal. Renovation and extention of the railway route connecting Olsztyn, Szczytno and Szymany was a part of the whole of the investment. Thanks to the upgrade passenegers embarking on their journey are able to reach the airport easily in just 45 minutes. The roofed and lit platform is equipped with the electronic visual information system and is located next to the terminal.

The property is friendly to all passenegers.

On January the 21st 2016 a regular rail connection linking Szymany, Olsztyn and Szczytno was launched. The train` s on - board capacity reaches up to 107 passengers .

Olsztyn  – Airport

 14:16 15:12   valid till 10.12.2017 Tuesdays and Saturdays
 15:07 16:07 valid till 30.10.2017
 18:23 19:23 valid till 10.12.2017 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Airport - Olsztyn

 17:20 18:21 valid till 10. 12.2017 on Tuesdays and Saturdays we wtorki i soboty
 18:40 19:36valid till 30.10.2017
 21:55 22:51 valid till 10.12.2017 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 



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