The Warmia i Mazury company, which manages the activities of the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport, is a certified institution providing air navigation services in the field of AFIS, COM and MET.

Airport Flight Information Service (AFIS)

The main task of the Airport Flight Information Service (AFIS) is to provide flight information and emergency service in the ATZ airport traffic zone during the working hours of the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport, where air traffic control is not performed. This task is implemented by conducting continuous visual observation of the operational situation at the airport and in its vicinity, including the observation of aircraft, vehicles, machinery and equipment, people in the ground movement field and current meteorological conditions. This information is transmitted by radio to aircraft crews arriving, departing and reporting their intention to move or manoeuvre in the ground movement area of the airport. Operational cooperation with the sectoral FIS flight information service and TWR airport control service contributes to increasing safety and the efficient flow of air traffic at and around the airport. The AFIS service operates at the frequency 118.030 MHz with the use of the call sign: Masuria Information.

Air Communication Service COM

The main task of the COM Air Communication Service is to provide radio communication for the Air Traffic Control Service (ATC) and the Airport Flight Information Service (AFIS). COM is part of the mobile aviation service.

MET Meteorological Service

The main task of the MET service performed by the Airport Meteorological Office (AMO) is to provide meteorological protection for air traffic services (both for the TWR/APP control service and the AFIS service) in the designated airspace and for the needs of the entire airport. The tasks of providing meteorological cover are carried out by performing meteorological measurements and observations, climate studies, preparing forecasts and warnings, providing information on conditions, including issuing aviation and meteorological documentation for flight crews and distributing meteorological information. We are the third entity in Poland with a certified MET service.

The main objective of establishing the aforementioned is to ensure the safe and orderly flow of aircraft at the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport, the availability of Air Navigation Services during the operating hours of the airport for all air traffic segments, with particular emphasis on General Aviation traffic, as well as to accelerate the development of the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport. The registered office of the Air Navigation Services is at our airport. We are the only airport in Poland that is so independent in the aspect of the provided air navigation services.

Due to the will to constantly improve the quality of air navigation services, we provide the opportunity to contact their managers. Users of these services can send any complaints, comments, opinions and suggestions about their functioning to the following email addresses:



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