Security check – How to efficiently go through the security check at the Olsztyn-Mazury airport in Szymany.
In order to ensure an adequate level of protection and safety in air transport, all passengers and their baggage are subject to security check. Under EU law, “security check” means the use of technical or other means to identify and/or detect prohibited items.

Passenger security check:
Manual check.
Check with a magnetic gate to detect metals.
The manual check will be carried out in such a way as to ensure, as far as possible, that the controlled person does not carry prohibited articles. If the metal detection gate responds with an alarm, the cause of the alarm must be removed. For this reason, a passenger is subject to manual control or goes to the second security check using a magnetic metal detection gate.

Security check of cabin baggage:
Manual check.
X-ray control or explosive detection systems.

How to undergo security check efficiently:**
When preparing for check, place all metal items such as keys, coins, cell phones, watches, trouser straps with metal buckles on the X-ray conveyor belt;
When approaching, remove a bag with the packaging containing liquid substances inside from the hand baggage and place it in the container along with other items (Carriage of liquids in cabin baggage);
Put electronic devices, e.g. laptop, camera, etc. on the X-ray conveyor belt;
Place the outer garment separately, such as: jacket, blazer, coat, on the X-ray conveyor belt;
We recommend packing all items, including liquids, which are not necessary during the journey into checked baggage (to be transported in the baggage hold at the check-in point);.


List of prohibited and allowed items

Some general comments regarding the rules of transporting items in air transport are presented below.

Please, be informed that the security check operator has the right to request to remove from cabin baggage and checked baggage any item that raises its doubt as to the fulfilment of security requirements in civil aviation. The following list is for reference only and its purpose is to facilitate travel for passengers.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that the air carrier has the right to set its own restrictions regarding e.g. the amount or size of baggage. In order to obtain detailed information in this regard, please contact the carrier with which you concluded the carriage agreement. At the same time, we would like to point out that, irrespective of the below list, the provisions on the transport of dangerous goods, and appropriate customs and sanitary restrictions apply.

Liquid medicaments may be transported in cabin baggage, provided they are necessary for the passenger while travelling.  The security check operator may ask you to confirm the authenticity of the medicine. In addition, they do not have to be placed in a plastic bag. When approaching the security check, the passenger personally notifies officers about the aforementioned medicaments without waiting for the check effect.
To speed up the check process, passengers should pass all liquids, gels and aerosols from cabin baggage separately for security checks, e.g. placing them in a separate container when approaching the X-ray equipment. Whenever possible, passengers should have documents regarding their medicaments (e.g. medical certificate).

Solid products such as chocolate, sandwiches, vegetables and fruit are permitted in any quantities (subject to customs regulations). Liquid food, such as yoghurt, creams, jams and jellies, is subject to the 100 ml container volume limit and these containers must fit in a 1-litre plastic bag.
If you plan to take kitchen utensils, knives and any other sharp items with your food, please put them in your checked baggage.
If you are travelling to another country, we recommend checking the applicable regulations with the airlines before departure, as there may be other restrictions in the countries concerned, which may be important when planning a return trip.

Electronic equipment and outer clothing
According to EU civil aviation security regulations, electronic equipment (laptops, cameras) and outer clothing must be checked as a separate item of baggage. Therefore, approaching the security checkpoint, please remove all electronics from your cabin baggage and hand it over separately. Do the same if you wear outerwear (jackets, coats, blazers).

**Remember that the security check is also carried out to ensure your safety, and efficient cooperation with the check operator will shorten the check duration.


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