Advertising space for You and Your business

Olsztyn – Mazury Airport is not just a beginning or a destination of international travels, it is also a venue ready to make Your commercial offer visible via an array of spaces and media available.


It is our intention to bring the exceptional character of business activity that we execute, closer to everyone. International range spells a unique opportunity to influence a brand new targeted groups of potential buyers and business partners.

What do we offer?

First and foremost a new and unmatched quality on the ground of commercial communication. Olsztyn – Mazury is a property ready to service up to 800 passengers on a daily basis. For all this we make it possible for Your message to get accross directly to a unique groups of potentially interested. Our travellers represent various social groups travelling on different purposes. These are vacationers, business travellers, attendees of collegial and corporate events and/or functions.

Distingush Yourself – Highlight exceptionality

Possibility to visualize Your product or service, in the venue so unique and prestigous creates opportunity to find yourself ahead of your competition, even before the race begins.

Value. Noticability.

Hightened product awarness among targeted circles of customers is brought to You via high attendance and high purchasing capacity.
To Your disposal we dedicade various, advertising spaces, big and small formats, located both inside and on the outside, both static and digital.
Ordering parties will be offered spaces both in the Arrivals and the Departures. In the check – in zone, and in the main lobby, by the parking lot and alongside a newly constructed airport motor way.

Long term partnerships will be recognized by special deals, allowing Your product or service to blend into the unique surroundings  and be associated with high class quality.

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+48 544 34 04/07

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