The first trip by plane can be stressful. It is worth taking care of a few details before departure so that everything goes smoothly at the airport. Before traveling on a plane, make sure you have all the necessary documents. Ticket, ID card or passport.  Always check what document you need before leaving.  Security control at the airport cannot be avoided, but you can prepare for it earlier so that you can pass it easily and quickly. Below are some rules that will facilitate and make this check pleasant and quick. When preparing for travel, pack all liquid substances in a transparent, reusable bag that will not exceed a total of 1l. The most convenient solution will be to pack it on top of the travel bag / suitcase so that it can be easily unpacked into a container on the conveyor belt before inspection.Containers on the conveyor belt should also contain any metal objects such as keys, coins, cell phones, watches, trouser belts with metal buckles. Electronic devices, e.g. laptop, camera, etc should be placed on the X-ray conveyor belt; An outer garment such as: jacket, coat, and shoes reaching up to the ankle, or high heels, should also be placed separately on the conveyor belt. We recommend packing all items, including liquid substances, which are not necessary during the journey into checked baggage (to be transported in the baggage hold at the check-in point).

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