Baggage transport rules

All passengers, irrespective of the airport or carrier, are subject to international baggage regulations resulting from security rules (what and in what quantities can be transported). In addition, each carrier sets its own rules and limits for baggage included in the ticket price.

Check your baggage limits on the airline's website each time before traveling. Make sure what type of baggage is included in the price of your ticket!

The extra baggage fee will be lower if it has been paid online in advance and not immediately before departure at the airport.

Always check the current baggage policy directly on your carrier's website

If you are transporting items that require customs before you check in, you must go through customs. To do this, contact the Customs Service

Rodzaje bagażu w pigułce


Checked baggage at check-in, carried in the hold of an aircraft. Each carrier sets its own limits on the size and weight of main baggage.


Baggage taken on board the plane. It is subject to mandatory security controls. Each carrier sets its own hand baggage limits. Particular attention should be paid to the principle of carrying liquids in hand luggage.


Some airlines allow the transport of oversized luggage and the transport of animals. For details, contact the airline.

Lost baggage

If, upon arrival, a passenger finds that his/her baggage is missing, he/she should immediately report his/her loss at the airport. for this reason, go to the Lost Baggage Office. Lost luggage is searched for by agents of the "Meet & Greet" service at the Olsztyn Mazury Airport. We fill an official report on site and receive written confirmation of the application.
If your baggage is lost, please keep your boarding pass and baggage receipt.

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